Neomutt is a fast terminal-based email client.

Setup with Mutt Wizard

Use mutt-wizard (mw) to add mail accounts. This is already installed on LARBS. Added accounts will be accessible from neomutt. To add your first account, just run the following:

mw -a

Once you have installed accounts, sync them with the command mailsync, or by pressing super + F8.


Press super + e or type neomutt manually in the terminal.


Note also that neomutt automatically documents itself: you can press ? at any time in the program and you will see a list of all shortcuts for the screen you are on.

In the mail index…

mutt-wizard automatically sets automatic binds to move to or move mail to other boxes. Press one of these keys:

And then follow it with one of these keys:

With mail open…

Some binds above are shared.

On the compose screen…



Neomutt is one of the most extensible programs on the planet. I am constantly surprised by what you can do with it. If you are ever bored, yet hungry for efficiency, check out the neomutt and neomuttrc manuals.

One nice little thing is how widely aliases can be used. For example, we can add a line like this to our muttrc:

alias besties,,

This aliases the sequence besties to the following text/email addresses. So we can just type besties as a recipient of a mail, and the other addresses will be filled in.

Note also that neomutt is configured to tab complete contact information stored with abook automatically.


man neomutt or man neomuttrc.

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